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I can’t say enough about how powerful this program is! I’ve been a Financial Service Professional for over 20 years, as well as, an accomplished networker who has built teams of thousands. My goal has always been to provide people with the lifestyle they want now, while being able to help them secure the lifestyle they want in the future. MWR Financial gives me everything I need to do both. I can help them increase their Cash-Flow and income through MWR Financial and as a Licensed Agent I can also get paid to help them Save, Grow and protect their money, Tax-Free with No Risk of Loss through the MWR Financial Self-Banking Private Reserve Account! I’m now able to build one business and get paid on two businesses, at the same time! Simply Genius!

Charles Dingle

As the founder of True Standard Christian Bible College and the Head Pastor of Burning Bush Holy Church I understand all too well how the financial challenges of my congregation and students can lead to family issues, divorce, abuse, depression and other stress related illnesses. I also understand the strain this puts on my fellow pastors. With over 78% of American's living paycheck to paycheck, tithes and offerings have decreased to an average of 2.4% nationwide, which has created a major burden on missionary, community outreach and other charitable causes supported by our churches, as well as, our ability to aid those in need and further the kingdom. This is why I have chosen to be part of MWR Financial, along with my church and Bible College. Instead of just educating believers on how to become better stewards of their money, MWR Financial actually goes one step further, by providing them with the strategies and experts that actually do the work. This decision has allowed me to increase the savings/earnings of my congregation, while bringing in additional revenue for the church, college and myself that has helped support financially challenged students with tuition, books and basic needs that may have not otherwise been possible. God Bless MWR Financial.

Shane & Jennifer

My wife and I have been involved in the Network marketing industry for over 20 years and this is the 1st and only company I’ve ever seen that provides a realistic, affordable way for everyone to build wealth, in record time and keep it, without the hype! However, what impresses me the most, is their willingness to stand behind what they offer by guaranteeing your success, if you are willing to follow their simple step by step plan of action. I’ve never seen anything like it and it speak volumes about their mission to help everyone succeed financially. This combined with one of the most rewarding residual compensation plans in the industry is exactly why we’ve chosen to plant our flag with MWR Financial.


As a networker, enrolled agent with the IRS and the owner of Hawkins Accounting and Tax Service in Charlotte, NC, I’m constantly educating my clients on the importance of business ownership to reduce their tax liability and keep more of their hard earned money. MWR Financial not only provides them with an economical way to start and own a business, but they also provide all of the financial experts and tools they need to legitimately and effectively maximize and track their deductions correctly. Because of this, I have been able to add more value to my clients, save them money and help them make more money by sharing this concept with others! This has also allowed me to add to my family’s income after tax season and in less than 30 days, I was able to qualify for a Luxury Vehicle Bonus, along with thousands of dollars in additional monthly income! As a financial professional, I can honestly say MWR Financial is an absolute winner for anyone wanting to fast-track their financial success!


As a former school teacher and owner of a successful fence business with my husband (Ben), I immediately saw the benefits of MWR Financial, not just for the savings it could provide us on the cost of financial experts we were already paying for, but for the millions of people that never learned how to handle money or build wealth through our current educational system. Since joining, MWR Financial has increased our credit scores 97 points for me and 86 points for my husband, they’ve helped us reduce our business and personal taxes and they are helping us accelerate our retirement date. However, what excites me the most, is the additional income! In just 111 days I was able to become car qualified (for the New BMW shown above) and I’m the 1st person to reach the rank of District Manager! Thank you MWR Financial and keep the deposits coming!


Thanks to MWR Financial, I now have an additional $450 per month in extra Cash-Flow (Out of my existing income), I’m on pace to pay off 15 years of remaining debt in 7 years while saving over $52,000 in interest. I’ve also plugged my additional cash-flow along with a portion of the residual income I’m earning through my MWR Financial business into their Self Banking PRA (instead of continuing to add to my old 401K) this now has me on pace to retire in 10 years compared to 25 years, with the ability to accelerate it even more, as my business continues to grow. Not to mention, MWR Financial has eliminated my old car payment and is now paying for my New Mercedes (as shown above) through their luxury vehicle bonus! This is the biggest No-Brainer I’ve ever seen and best of all… my new team of MWR Financial experts, actually did all the work! Thank you MWR Financial for changing my life, for the rest of my life!